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Radio Universal Life is a free and independent radio – a radio of the Free Spirit. The basis for the programs is the teachings of the Universal Life of All Cultures Worldwide, the teaching of love for God and neighbor toward people, nature and animals.

The Free Spirit is the all-encompassing life, the universal life, which in the western world is called God. The free universal Spirit, God, who is one and the same in all cultures worldwide, revealed and reveals Himself through Gabriele, whom He calls His prophetess and emissary. The extensive divine-spiritual wealth that has come into this world through the emissary of the Kingdom of God, Gabriele, ties in with Original Christianity, on the basis of the Ten Commandments of God and the Sermon on the Mount of Jesus of Nazareth. The central message of the Sermon on the Mount – the Golden Rule – states, “Do to others as you would have them do to you.” For followers of Jesus of Nazareth, that is, for Original Christians, this Golden Rule is the basis at work as well as during leisure time.

The true, original teaching of Jesus of Nazareth makes one free. Original Christians are absolutely free Christians, because being an Original Christian means belonging to Christ. Jesus of Nazareth did not found an external religion with priests as mediators. Instead, He spoke about the fact that God dwells within every human being. He calls on us to follow Him alone. His teaching, the Original Christian teaching, does not contain any paternalism, any indoctrination or subordination. The Original Christian teaching is a free teaching, an offer of the Free Spirit to all people, regardless of culture or nationality.

Would you like to help spread the universal free teaching of the Christ of God worldwide?

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